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Do Part Time Walmart Employees Get Health Insurance?

Do Part Time Walmart Employees Get Health Insurance? | Very Good Coverage

Health insurance is essentially a requirement for all Americans, and many seek coverage through their workplace. But what if you’re only a part-time employee?

If you work at Walmart, even part-time employees are eligible to receive health insurance coverage. You must work an average of at least 30 hours per week to be eligible, then you can enroll in the health plans Walmart offers, including optional benefits.

We’ll look at the terms and requirements for healthcare through Walmart, including the types of benefits available to you and what may impact your coverage.

Do Part-Time Walmart Employees Get Health Insurance?

When you join the Walmart team - even as part-time workers - you can receive health coverage once you meet the eligibility requirements.

Walmart will assess part-time associates’ eligibility every 60 days during the first year you work for them. During each 60 day period, you must work a minimum average of 30 hours a week in order to reach the eligibility threshold.

Remember that your pay period and the 60-day eligibility period are not the same thing.

Once new employees and part-time associates reach this threshold, Walmart will alert you of your status and let you enroll in any and all offered benefits, including medical coverage.

Health Insurance for Other Part-Time Employees

There are some exceptions to the above policy. For example, if you are a pharmacist, nurse practitioner, or supply chain associate, your workload must be an average of only 24 hours per week in order to be considered eligible for health coverage and other benefits.

When Do My Benefits Take Effect?

So let’s assume you’re hired at Walmart, and you work an average of 30 hours per week during your first 60 days. When does your healthcare coverage start?

Coverage for part-time associates begins on the first of the month in which the 89th day from the start of the previous 60-day period falls.

This can be a bit confusing, so we’ll use an example:

  • You were hired at Walmart on March 18.
  • Your 60th day on the job is May 17, which is when you become eligible to enroll.
  • Your 89th day from the start of your first assessment period is June 15.
  • Your effective date for coverage will be June 1.

This applies to all part-time employees, including pharmacists, nurse practitioners, and supply chain associates.

Health Insurance for Part-Time Truck Drivers

Part-time truck drivers, however, have slightly different conditions and timelines for eligibility.

Part-time truck drivers do not become eligible immediately following the first 60-day period in which they work the required hours. Instead, they must wait to enroll until the first of the month in which the 89th day threshold from the beginning of the assessment period falls.

That being said, their eligibility and health benefits date are the same, meaning they become covered at the same time they become eligible. Additionally, there is no minimum number of required hours to reach eligibility.

So, using the example dates above, a part-time truck driver who starts work on March 18 would both become eligible and covered on June 1, regardless of how many hours they work.

What Kinds of Health Insurance Does Walmart Provide?

Healthcare plans offered for part-time workers include numerous options for medical coverage benefits and more.

Enrollment in basic medical coverage is available under a number of models, including HMO, PPO, and saver options.

You can also purchase supplemental policies for vision plans, dental, accident, AD&D (accidental death and dismemberment), and critical illness. Keep in mind that dental plans in particular require a two-year enrollment.

Other Insurance Options Offered by Walmart

In addition to healthcare plans, you will automatically be enrolled in business travel accident insurance, which covers any accidents that may occur during work-sponsored travel. This applies to all part-time employees on the date of their hire, including truck drivers.

All employees also receive basic life insurance policies on the date of their hire.

You can also add additional life insurance for yourself and your dependents. However, not all policies may be available for part-time Walmart employees.

If you are interested in these additional life insurance coverages, connect with your HR representative to learn when you may become eligible for these policies.

Are Spouses And Dependents Covered?

Basic healthcare benefits for part-time employees are available for the employee only. In most cases, spouses or domestic partners are not eligible to be covered by insurance given to a part-time employee.

Children and dependents may be eligible for coverage under plans offered to part-time employees, but those plans will involve higher premiums.

Other Potential Changes to Your Health Insurance

What Happens If You Do Not Enroll Right Away?

If you choose not to enroll right away in your healthcare benefits, you will not be able to enroll until the regular open enrollment period.

Exceptions would include a qualifying life event, like having a baby or a change in your marital status.

Are You a Tobacco User?

Tobacco users who work at Walmart will pay higher premiums for their medical insurance, as well as for other optional addendums to their policy. Walmart does offer tobacco cessation programs to assist those who want to quit smoking or using tobacco products.

Additional Benefits for Part-Time Employees

In addition to associate discounts on merchandise throughout the store, Walmart associates receive access to these non-medical benefits and other perks outside of healthcare coverage.

Financial Benefits

Walmart offers their workers a 10% associate discount on merchandise throughout the store.

They can also join the associate stock purchase plan to share in Walmart’s growth as a company.

Pay Raises and Promotions

Walmart is one of the major employers leading the charge for a livable minimum wage. They also provide other financial benefits like overtime pay and bonuses.

Furthermore, once you join as a part-time employee, you can easily transition into becoming a full-time employee as well.

Parental Leave

Walmart offers expectant mothers additional health benefits during their pregnancy, including special coaching services from a midwife or doula.

They also offer paid parental leave for both mothers and fathers. This applies for natural-born children as well as adoptions and foster care placement.

Academic Opportunities

Those who want to earn their GED can do so at no cost through Walmart’s assistance programs.

And if English is not your primary language (or you just want to learn a language other than English), you can receive free access to Rosetta Stone to learn a new language.

Furthermore, tuition benefits can completely cover the cost of certain college, trade, and certification programs.

Internships and Career Advancement

College students at the undergraduate or graduate level can join Walmart’s internship programs to provide exposure to long-term career opportunities with the company.

Walmart also believes in promoting from within, with a majority of their managers and other salaried positions having been promoted from hourly positions.


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