Arkansas Self-Employed Health Insurance

Are you self-employed and need health insurance coverage in Arkansas? Then you’ll be happy to know that there are wonderful coverage options for consultants, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

There are many reasons why people choose to get self-employed health insurance. For one, getting self-employed health insurance offers you the flexibility to match your income levels. You can also qualify for tax credits or subsidies should your income dip. 

This type of insurance coverage also enables you to modify your coverage to your needs and income levels. 

With self-employed health insurance, you never have to worry about getting stuck in a plan that doesn’t suit you. You can finally do away with pre-selected plans that plague others.

Who Can Get Self-Employed Health Insurance?

You can get self-employed health insurance if:

You are self-employed as a freelancer, consultant, or entrepreneur.

Your income is generated from a business that doesn't have any other employees.

What If I’m a Small Business Owner? 

While it is called self-employed health insurance, you can still apply for coverage in Arkansas if you are a small business owner. Arkansas runs a small business exchange known as My Arkansas Insurance. This exchange enables business owners with a maximum of 50 employees to apply for insurance all year round without waiting for enrollment periods.

Is Self-Employed Health Insurance Expensive in Arkansas?

How much you pay for self-employed health insurance in Arkansas typically depends on the plan you choose and what health insurance provider you select. How much you make largely determines what you pay as your monthly premium. For instance, some plans are only suited to those within an income bracket.

Nevertheless, you can be sure of all self-employed health insurance plans being flexible enough where you can switch out plans according to your income levels.

You might also be eligible for government subsidies which can be used to help reduce the cost of coverage.

Benefits of Self-Employed Health Insurance In Arkansas

  • Monthly premiums can be a deductible line item in tax returns
  • Flexible enough to change income levels
  • Access to subsidies to help with coverage costs

All of this and more is possible thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

What Companies Offer Self-Employed Health Insurance in Arkansas?

  • Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield Health Insurance
  • Assurance Health Insurance
  • Great American Health Insurance
  • Humana
  • John Alden Health Insurance
  • Mercy Health Plans Health Insurance
  • QCA Health Plans Inc. Health Insurance
  • Time Insurance Health Insurance
  • Mercy Health Plans Health Insurance
  • QCA Health Plans Inc. Health Insurance
  • United Security Life Health Insurance
  • UnitedHealthOne Health Insurance
  • WorldIns ExpressMed Health Insurance

Where to Get Self-Employed Health Insurance In Arkansas

You can get self-employed health insurance in Arkansas via either the federal marketplace. This can be done by filling the Health Insurance Marketplace application. You could also use a private broker.

While those options try to make the process understandable, most people still have a lot of questions and confusion concerning certain terms.

All that can be explained by simply choosing a third option, filling out a quote form on Very Good Coverage.

All you need to do is put in your information, answer a few questions about your preferences, and before you know it, you have a health insurance quote matched to you. 

You work hard every day, but insurance coverage shouldn’t be hard work. Let’s get you started at Very Good Coverage!


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