The number of people turning to self-employment in order to achieve their professional aims has been increasing. However, being self-employed means that they have to source their own health insurance coverage while others get it through their employment.

Self-Employed offers both flexibility and freedom, so having self-employed health insurance in Montana ensures that you are protected from the perils of unexpected healthcare expenses.

Who gets self-employed health insurance?

Small business owners as well as other self-employed individuals in Montana have access to the Small Business Health Options Program or SHOP exchange.

The Montana exchange is supported by the federal government and makes any business with a maximum of 50 employees eligible for this type of insurance.

If you’re not a business owner, you can get self-employed insurance as well. Just as long as your reported income is via a business with no other employees. 

What Are The Benefits Of Self-Employed Health Insurance?

Your premiums are tax-deductible

Being self-employed means that the total of your health insurance premiums can be fully deducted from your personal income taxes, if you show your profit for the year. The sum of your premiums are generally recorded on the 1040 form line 29, which will have your adjusted gross income reduced by that amount.

You may receive a subsidy

You could qualify for a subsidy which comes in form of a tax credit should your income fall below a particular level. The income level is based on federal guidelines and changes each year.

Self-Employed Health Insurance Providers In Montana

  • Montana Health Co-op
  • PacificSource
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

What Health Insurance Options Are Available To Self-Employed Individuals In Montana?

Individual Plan

You should understand that being self-employed in Montana doesn’t exempt you from getting coverage via an individual health insurance policy. If you are interested in learning more about this and getting quotes, simply fill out the Very Good Coverage Quote Form.

Group Plan

This option is also available to self-employed individuals in Montana. The law states that any group of 2 employees with an employer can be considered eligible for a small group health insurance policy in Montana. This means if you have a business and a full time worker, you can apply for group health insurance coverage. These Group Plans include:

  1. PPO Health Insurance Plans,
  2. HMO Health Insurance Plans,
  3. HSA-Qualified Health Insurance Plans
  4. Indemnity Health Insurance Plans

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