There are numerous health insurance options for consultants, entrepreneurs, and freelancers in Nevada today. Most people choose self-employed health insurance as it provides them with a flexibility that matches the unpredictability of their income. 

With a self-employed health insurance plan, you can apply for tax credits or subsidies should your income dip. You can also modify your insurance coverage when your income picks back up. Additionally, self-employed health insurance plans give you enough room to search for the best plan that suits your needs without getting stuck with a pre-selected plan.

How To Get Self-Employed Health Insurance In Nevada

To enroll for self-employed health insurance coverage in Nevada, you simply need to do it via the Nevada Health Link so long as you are a consultant, independent contractor, freelancer or any other self-employed worker that doesn't have employees.

It is important to note that you are considered self-employed if you have a business that generates income but doesn't have any other employees apart from a family member, a spouse or yourself.

Benefits Of Self-Employed Health Insurance?

You may receive a subsidy

You could qualify for a subsidy which comes in form of a tax credit should your income fall below a particular level. The income level is based on federal guidelines and changes each year.

Your premiums are tax-deductible

Being self-employed means that the total of your health insurance premiums can be fully deducted from your personal income taxes, if you show your profit for a year. This is dependent on your income and the size of your household.

Variety of plans

With Nevada Health Link, you can get several categories of coverage from plans that have low premiums every month that can protect you in the worst case scenarios to plans where you pay more in premiums but have a reduced out of pocket costs.

Self-Employed Health Insurance Providers In Nevada

  • Health Plan of Nevada
  • Silver Summit
  • Anthem
  • Select Health
  • Friday Health Plans

There are a lot of choices to make and we all know sometimes too many choices can make us pick something that it’s good for us. That’s why we at Very Good Coverage decided to make a form that gives you a choice you’d love.

All you have to do is put in your information, answer a few questions about your preferences and before you know it, you have a health insurance quote matched to you.

Try it! Make your insurance work for you!


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