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One of the most difficult things to be is to be self-employed. It means that you have to deal with getting health insurance coverage all by yourself. With health insurance, you get to hear terms such as coinsurance, copayment and deductibles. These terms can take some getting used to.

You can modify your coverage to suit your needs and your pocket. Should you need more from your plan, you have the freedom to look for the best plan that suits your personal needs and circumstance, without worrying about getting stuck with a pre-selected plan.

Benefits of North Dakota Self-Employed Health Insurance

  • Individuals that get self-employed insurance for themselves and their families are eligible for tax deductibility. This means they are able to deduct 100% of their premium.
  • Considering you would be paying the premium and receiving the benefits, you are eligible for high deductible and low cost comprehensive plans like PPOs.
  • Being self-employed also means that you can be eligible for a group plan. And being part of a group plan means that you can pay for insurance coverage using pre-tax dollars. This has the benefit of significantly reducing your contribution amount once the year ends.
  • If you are a small business owner, you might be eligible for tax credit, which can help reduce the cost of your employees’ premiums.

Types of Self-Employed Health Insurance Policies Available 

As with most states, there are two types of health insurance policies available to self-employed individuals. They are:

Individual Health Insurance

Individual health insurance policies refer to those plans bought by individuals to provide insurance coverage for themselves and/or their families. Just about anyone can apply for this type of insurance. These plans include HMOs, PPOs, POSs and more. 

Small business owners that don’t provide group coverage minimums can also buy individual policies.

Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance policies are a type of employer-sponsored health coverage. Healthcare costs are usually shared between employee and employee with coverage extending to dependents.

Types of Group Health Insurance Policies

  1. HMO Health Insurance Plans,
  2. PPO Health Insurance Plans,
  3. Indemnity Health Insurance Plans,
  4. HSA-Qualified Health Insurance Plans.

We at Very Good Coverage understand that and try to cut out all the noise providing you with all the information you need. With self-employed health insurance, you not only get the flexibility needed for those with unpredictable income, but you can also qualify for tax credit as well.


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