Utah Self Employment Health Insurance

Self-Employed health insurance policies are also flexible enough for you to switch your plan to suit your income levels. This also means that you may be eligible for government subsidies which can help lower the cost of coverage.

One thing you should note is that the cost of self-employed health insurance in Utah varies depending on the type of plan you choose and of course, your provider. How much you pay as monthly premiums is wholly dependent on your income. For instance, there are certain plans that are only available to individuals with a low income.

Benefits of Utah Self-Employed health insurance

There are numerous health insurance options for consultants, entrepreneurs, and freelancers in the workforce today. Most people choose self-employed health insurance as it provides them with a flexibility that matches the unpredictability of their income. 

With a self-employed health insurance plan, you can apply for tax credits or subsidies should your income dip. You can also modify your insurance coverage when your income picks back up. Additionally, self-employed health insurance plans give you enough room to search for the best plan that suits your needs without getting stuck with a pre-selected plan. 

Being self-employed also means that you can be eligible for a group plan. And being part of a group plan means that you can pay for insurance coverage using pre-tax dollars. This has the benefit of significantly reducing your contribution amount once the year ends.

Self-Employed Health Insurance Providers In Utah

  • Molina
  • SelectHealth
  • University of Utah Health Plans
  • BridgeSpan
  • Cigna
  • Regence

Self-Employed Health Insurance Options  

Individual Plan

You should understand that being self-employed doesn’t exempt you from getting coverage via an individual health insurance policy. If you are interested in learning more about this and getting quotes, simply fill out the Very Good Coverage Quote Form.

Group Plan

This option is also available to Utah self-employed individuals. The state clarifies that any group of 2 employees with an employer can be considered eligible for a small group health insurance policy. This means if you have a business and a full time worker, you can apply for group health insurance coverage.

Being self-employed means that you have chosen to forge your own path, so it makes perfect sense to have health insurance that moves with you and according to your needs. All you have to do is fill out the required information plus your health insurance preferences and we at Very Good Coverage can give you a quote for a plan that best suits you!


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